A toll-free compliance hotline number and compliance reporting web portal are available to those who wish to ask questions about the Company’s policies or the Code, to submit concerns regarding questionable accounting or auditing matters, or to report violations of the Company’s policies or the Code. You may call the toll-free compliance hotline number or submit information through the compliance reporting web portal anonymously. Note that if you submit information anonymously on the compliance hotline number, the Compliance Officer will be unable to obtain follow-up details from you that may be necessary to investigate the matter. The compliance reporting web portal provides a mechanism for you to submit information anonymously and still allow the Compliance Officer to follow up with you while maintaining your anonymity. Whether you identify yourself or remain anonymous, your contact with the toll-free compliance hotline or compliance reporting web portal will be kept confidential to the extent reasonably possible within the objectives of the Code. Report compliance violations using Mirati's toll-free compliance hotline number: 844-598-1871. Report compliance violations using Mirati's compliance web portal: www.mirati.ethicspoint.com.

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